Authentic Indian Restaurant and Takeaway on Castle Road, Highland

Shapla is a renowned authentic Indian restaurant and takeaway on 2 Castle Road, Highland, Inverness IV2 3AA and serves near Culloden, Dochgarroch IV3, Munlochy IV8 & Kilmuir, North Kessock in IV1 with free home delivery.

Inverness is a hotspot for tourists from all around the world. What better place can showcase Shapla’s expertise in Indian culinary arts than Inverness? Located at Castle Road, Highland, Shapla is a testament to Indian culture, serving customers from all around the world excellent Indian cuisines for several years.

Our menu is carefully crafted to suit all taste palates, leaving none behind. Appetisers such as Papadums and starters like Samosas are light tastes to what is to come later. With our main dishes, we have our infamous Tandoori Dishes - a section of our menu that is dedicated to one of the most popular traditional Indian dishes in history. The Chicken Tikka that we serve from that section is considered among the best in town too! Newcomers can get groovy with classics as well - Korma, Bhuna, Dansak, Vindaloo. If you’d rather stick with your roots, we offer European Dishes as well, so fret not!

Apart from excellent seating services at our humble establishment, we offer takeaways for the busy bees. And even more conveniently and with the help of ChefOnline, we can get your food delivered to you if you decide on that instead. You can also book a reservation at our restaurant for future engagements. Shapla is here to fulfil your every demand with maximum satisfaction!

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The Best Indian Restaurant and Takeaway on Castle Road, Highland

In the scenic beauty of Inverness, where Castle Road winds its historic path, there lies a culinary gem known as Shapla. This establishment has swiftly earned its reputation as the finest Indian restaurant and takeaway on Castle Road, Highland. Through a tapestry of fragrant spices, age-old recipes, and contemporary culinary techniques, Shapla paints a palate of India's vast gastronomic culture.

Nestled amidst the historical charms of Inverness, Shapla not only represents Indian culinary traditions but also effortlessly embodies the spirit of unity, where diverse flavours converge harmoniously. For locals and visitors alike, it's a gastronomic haven, combining the richness of Indian spices with the freshness of Scottish produce. The staff, well-versed in both cultures, seamlessly blend the two, offering patrons an unparalleled dining experience. This commitment to excellence makes Shapla more than just a restaurant; it's a symbol of transcultural unity right at the heart of Highland. Furthermore, their takeaway service ensures that this delicious melding of cultures can be savoured in the comfort of one's home.

At Shapla, every dish is a story. The aroma wafting from the kitchen tells tales of spices traded in ancient markets, family recipes whispered down generations and the love for food transcending borders. The chefs, maestros of their craft, meticulously curate an authentic and innovative menu. Their expertise is reflected in each dish, promising an experience rather than just a meal. For those who lean towards plant-based diets, the range of vegetarian-friendly Indian food near Culloden is exquisite, catering to traditional and modern vegetarian palates.

Where Will You Get The Best Chicken Tikka Tandoori in Inverness?

Chicken Tikka Tandoori, a dish often the benchmark for any Indian eatery, is an art form at Shapla. When asked about the best place for this delightful dish in Inverness, many will point towards Highland. Why? Because at Shapla, the Chicken Tikka Tandoori isn't just cooked; it's crafted.

Every bite of Shapla’s Chicken Tikka Tandoori is a testament to its chefs’ dedication. Drawing inspiration from the bustling streets of Delhi to the serene beaches of Goa, their culinary expertise ensures that every morsel is an authentic Indian delight. Regular patrons often speak of its unparalleled flavour profile, where the marinade's tanginess complements the smokiness of the tandoor perfectly. For many in Inverness, the question isn’t where to find the best Chicken Tikka Tandoori; it’s about how often they should treat themselves to Shapla’s iconic dish. To make it even more tempting, Shapla often introduces seasonal variations, ensuring that the classic dish always has a fresh twist.

The process begins with selecting the finest cuts of chicken, which are then marinated in a medley of yoghurt, spices, and herbs. The marination isn’t hurried. It's allowed to rest, ensuring that every flavour seeps deep into the meat. The tandoor oven fired up and awaiting, is where the magic happens. As the marinated chicken meets the fiery embrace of the tandoor, it takes on a smoky, charred exterior while preserving a juicy, tender inside. Paired with tangy mint chutney and fresh salad, the Chicken Tikka Tandoori at Shapla is an experience that dances on the taste buds and lingers in memory.

Book a Table at Shapla Restaurant

In the heart of Highland, Inverness, on the iconic Castle Road, a dining experience awaits that will transport you to the heartlands of India. At Shapla, every element, from the decor to the curated music, resonates with the ethos of traditional Indian hospitality. The ambience is a delicate blend of tradition and modernity, providing a serene backdrop for a memorable meal.

As you walk through Shapla's ornate doors, you're greeted with an exotic and familiar atmosphere. The décor, inspired by various Indian regions, gives diners a visual feast to accompany their meal. Murals and artefacts celebrate India's vast cultural tapestry, while soft instrumental tunes set the mood. Each table setting is done with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring guests feel the luxury that Shapla represents. It's not just about dining; it's about experiencing culture, a journey across a land known for its vibrant flavours and warm hospitality. Reservations, especially on weekends, are highly recommended, underscoring the restaurant's popularity and the eagerness of diners to secure their spot in this Inverness gem.

Booking a table at Shapla is more than just reserving a spot; it's claiming an experience. As you settle in, the attentive staff guide you through the vast menu, explaining nuances, suggesting pairings, and ensuring that your culinary journey is tailor-made to your preferences. Special occasions are even more memorable, with personalised menus and dedicated sections for larger groups. If you're looking to immerse in the authentic flavours of India, right in the heart of Inverness, there's no place quite like Shapla on Castle Road, Highland. Whether it's a quiet dinner, a family gathering, or a celebration, Shapla stands as the epitome of Indian gastronomy in Inverness.

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